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HBE is a small, family operated breeding facility based in North Texas. We produce quality reptiles, and parrots. We are not a large operation so our production is limited. We concentrate on quality and health instead of volume.

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Healthy & Socialized Birds

We raise healthy and socialized baby birds for your home. We don’t pull our babies from the nest early, we co-parent and hand raise. This produces larger and healthier babies with less chance of psychological issues as adults. Our babies aren’t ready for a new home until they are weaned and step-up for us reliably.

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We currently work with Drymarchon couperi, or Eastern Indigos. We are working hard on expanding our genetic pool (which is highly limited due to the legal status of this species) so that we can always produce flawless, quality snakes.

We are working towards adding Black Tail Cribos, Unicolor Cribos, and Drymarchon rubidus to our breeding stock. With Drymarchon it takes time to find and purchase flawless unrelated individuals. We are in no hurry.

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If we don’t currently have the animal you want please contact us about being placed on our waiting list. It’s easy!

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Wholesale Available

We are able to supply a very limited number of quality pet stores with our animals. Minimum order is required and proof of business.

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